catering: let the food talk

Any celebration isn't complete without food. And what's better than you choosing from a variety of caterers we provide to you with inimitable catering services, choice of cuisine and grand orchestration as to suit your palate.

decoration: pretty as a picture

A beautifully decorated venue turns any simple occasion majestic. Our creative florists and decorators would be pleased to assist with tailor made decorations to suit your taste and budget.

parking: safety matters

A large open private parking that can accommodate over 1000 cars ensures peace of Mind while you are inside having the time of your life.

peace of mind: above all

More than a venue, it is a concept. Every facilities are provided to ensure you can enjoy the experience without having to run around. Qualified and trained hospitality staff is always at hand to satisfy your every whim. After all it is the experience which not only you but every single guest will remember for a long time.